Quality Policy

We will offer the customer products and services that are of such quality that we earn and win the confidence of the customer.This is done through a well-developed quality management system where each employee is given and takes responsibility for their part of the business.
Our aim is to always have satisfied customers and creating long-term relationships.

To implement our quality policy, the business is conducted as follows:

-We must be aware of the importance of quality and perform services and create products in a competent manner. The basis for this is to be continuous in professional development of staff.

-There must be a documented organization and division of responsibilities. The requirements of ISO 9001 is the basis for the business.
– Our services and products must be based on the customer’s needs and be conducted with a focus on ensuring that the right quality is met

– Suppliers who are hired must meet our quality requirements.

– The effectiveness of the quality management system shall be continuously monitored through internal and external audits

– The quality management system shall be guided towards annual objectives to improve quality work

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