Powder coating


We are really keen on advanced powder coating of sheet metal details. Not least when it comes to sensitive components with requirements for high safety and precision in electronic products. The painting work starts with washing and masking and is followed by solid craftsmanship in our powder line.

The advantages of powder coating metal and sheet metal details are many:
– Extends the life of the product
– Gives even and fine application at edges and corners
– Simple and economical
– The powder coating can be mixed with substances that make the surface antistatic and / or friction-free, e.g.
– Environmentally friendly (painting without solvent)
– Adheres well to the surface
– Provides good rust protection

Powder coating of compnents


Powder coating components in sheet metal for the electronics industry is particularly advantageous. In this way, the components have a longer service life and good rust protection. Sometimes there may be a requirement that the surface treatment of metal components to be static or friction-free, then you can mix the substances that create these conditions directly in the paint.
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