Press brakes of sheet metal

BK Produkter can offer pressing of sheet metal such as steel, aluminum, stainless or aluzinc. For small components, advanced sheet metal work and folds are often required. Sheet metal profiles are used for several purposes. This can include sheet metal products for construction or small metal parts in industrial components.

Manufacture of profiles in sheet metal
Our semi-automatic bending machine Salvagnini is specialized to instantly perform covers, radii and other advanced profiles in sheet metal. The flagship of the press brake departments modern and extensive fleet, which also includes 13 press brakes from 40-230 tons, of which 4 are robotic. BK Produkter has both the knowledge and machinery to manufacture advanced profiles in sheet metal.

This is how edge pressing of sheet metal works

In order to be able to form a strong material such as sheet metal required special methods to preserve the strength of the material. This in combination with components whose design is both stylish and practical. A main technique used in the design of sheet metal details is edge pressing. This is a method that is specifically designed for lighter metals.

Edge pressing is one of the most flexible methods in today’s industry when it comes to bending sheet metal. Because the edge pressing has been adapted so well to thinner sheet metal details, its flexible design can be fully utilized.

Within BK Produkter, we have solid technical skills and can take part in the early stages of the project to make production adjustments, from prototype to production.

We regularly invest in the business for improved product quality and faster delivery times. We have a complete machine park for edge pressing of sheet metal products – everything from simple to complex sheet metal details.

We constantly strive to improve and optimize our capacity, organization and our customer contacts. All to deliver stylish and sustainable results.

For further information regarding our flanging of sheet metal, you can easily get in touch with us at BK Produkter or call us, our experts will get back to you as soon as possible! We offer edge pressing of sheet metal in Stockholm, Mälardalen, Småland and the rest of Sweden.