Punching and laser cutting of sheet metal

BK Produkter is a well-established contract manufacturer of sheet metal processing, machining and assembly systems. As an experienced player in the laser cutting of sheet metal, we have a complete machine park that offers the performance and flexibility that are typically requested by our customers.

We have great expertise in laser cutting and deliver laser-cut sheet metal details in both prototype series and series productions. Our solid experience combined with high quality requirements means that many choose to order from us.

Laser cutting of sheet metal offers almost limitless design of cutting paths.
Tell us about your project, and we will help you – from early idea stage to finished production!

Precise laser cutting sheet metal of the BK Products


Laserskärning av plåt erbjuder näst intill gränslös utformning av skärbanor.

Berätta för oss om ert projekt, så hjälper vi er- från tidigt idéstadie till färdig produktion!

Exakt laserskärning av plåt hos BK Produkter
Vi bistår med expertis i hur själva tillverkningsprocessen bör utformas för att kunna säkerställa en snabb och effektiv produktion. Detta samtidigt som man bibehåller kvaliteten det gäller både laserskärning och annan tillverkning.

Kontinuerligt investerar vi inom BK Produkter i verksamheten för att förbättra kvaliteten på våra produkter och för att kunna erbjuda kortare leveranstider.

Vi erbjuder laserskärning i Småland, men även för företag i andra delar av Sverige.




Punching of sheet metal

Punching is a method where you use a tool with the desired size and shape of the hole to push through the plate under back pressure from a pad. Both the cushion and punch edges are sanded with the corresponding silhouette that the object in question should have. Punching thus means making holes in relatively thin materials, mainly sheet metal.

In order for us to be able to ensure fast and quality-assured production, we would like to see that we are already at the beginning of the development phase. This will also make it easier for us to understand what your needs really look like and what the process will require. We make sure to adapt all aspects of production at an early stage in order to achieve as economical and efficient production as possible.

At BK Produkter all employees have extensive experience and competence in punching sheet metal. This in combination with a complete machine park means that we can manufacture almost everything our customers want, simple as well as complex sheet metal details.

Our machine park

We use TRUMPF Tru Matic for advanced punching up to eight millimeters of plate thickness, Trump 500 and Trumpf 6000 as well as a FinPower punch / angle scissors. Two pieces laser cutting machines Primo Palatino and Amada laser, a flerop Mazak and automatic cuts and presses.

Both machinery and employees are of the highest class at BK Products in Alvesta.
If you are interested in knowing more about our punching and laser cutting of sheet you are welcome to contact us at BK products. We provide answers to your questions and tell you about everything you need to know. You can find us on Ågårdsvägen 19-21 Alvesta. Welcome!